Surgeon's Skin Secret
Surgeon's Skin Secret

Surgeon's Skin Secret

$ 5.99

It’s not a secret any longer-amazing skin revitalization formula now available for the public for the first time! The exclusive, non-toxic skin revitalization formula of Surgeon’s Skin Secret softens dry chapped, irritated skin.

Among it’s many extra benefits include:

• Non-water-solubility (won’t wash off)
• Long lasting formula 
• Seals in your body’s natural moisture
• Pleasant natural fragrance

For over 40 years, surgeons have given Surgeon’s Skin Secret to their patients.These same surgeons used it to protect and moisturize their hands from the drying effects of latex gloves and repeat washings. Today, your skin can have the same long lasting protection.

"My elderly mother is bedridden. She insists on using the stick moisturizer on her back and buttocks. It is soothing to her and seems to assist with healing sores quickly. She would have had much more trouble without the use of it."
- Brenda H.

Unscented.  1 oz container.

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