Are you moving.........?

We've been approached by lots of people asking if the rumor is true. Is the Columbus Washboard Company moving?

Well, yes. We are pleased to confirm that we will be moving to our new downtown location on Main Street, Logan. The historic downtown of the Hocking Hills.

Since 1895 we have only moved 3 times, the last time being in 1999 when we relocated from Grandview, Columbus OH to Logan, OH. The old shoe factory we have been in since then has been good for us, however we were approached by Shaun North, the owner of several businesses in Logan who asked if we would be interested in selling the factory to him, and we buy one of his locations downtown.

The move makes sense for Columbus Washboard Company, as we were only using 3/4 of one floor of the factory, and it is on the outskirts of town which causes logistics issues during the Washboard Festival. Exchanging buildings allows North Fitness Center to expand into larger premises, and by renovating the old shoe factory, adding to the revitalization of Logan. We will be moving into 4 East Main, currently North Fitness Center and formerly a G.C. Murphy Five & Dime. We have exciting plans afoot with regards to transforming this space, and turning it into a place you will want to visit.

Look out for further announcements in the future!

New location of Factory as 5 & Dime

photo courtesy of Logan Daily News.

4 East Main as of Nov 2021

Photo courtesy of Worthington of Logan Boutique Hotel.

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