How To Use A Washboard

It is okay to wash laundry in cold water.

1) Put water in the tub until ¾ full.
2) Put underwear into the water to soak.
3) Rest the soap bar at the top of the board.
4) Rub underwear over soap and then rub item vigorously on the metal rub surface.      Repeat step 4 until item is clean.
5) Put shirts in water and repeat step 4 to clean.
6) Wash pants the same way.
7) Last item to wash would be your socks. Allow them to soak and then repeat step 4 many times.
8) Do not discard the water. Soak your feet for 20 minutes, it will feel sooo good!
9) Dry your feet, apply foot powder, clean socks and boots.
10) Discard dirty water, refill bucket and rinse items until no soap remains.
11) Wring out clothing items and pin on clothesline to dry.
12) We hope your laundry days are warm and breezy.


How To Play A Washboard

The washboard can add a variety of interesting sounds and rhythms to a band. The board can be held in the crook of one arm while played with a wooden spoon, drum stick or brush, whisk broom or thimbles. It may also be hung around the neck with a strap or held between the knees while sitting and played with two hands.

The 1+2+3+4+ rhythm pattern can be accomplished with thimbles on the fingers, by dragging the fingers of your dominant hand down the board for the count of 1. Next, tap a thimble adorned finger of the opposite hand for the +. Follow by striking down the board with the dominant hand for the accented 2. Repeat these moves for the 3+4+.

Holding the board in one arm and playing with a whisk broom gives a nice soft sound. Try playing down, down, up down, down, up or just get that chugga, chugga train sound going. You’ll be amazed at how many songs you can play along with.

As you play the washboard more and more, you may decide to customize your board. Some people add bicycle  horns and bells or woodblocks. You could add different size cans to increase your sound pallet. Make sure your board fits your unique personality or play it as it is.

Remember, your musicians washboard is also a fully functioning laundry washboard as well!

We hope you are as proud of your genuine Made in the USA washboard as we are when making them.



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