Family Stainless Steel Wavy Crimp
Pail Stainless Steel Wavy Crimp
Family Stainless Steel Spiral Crimp
Pail Stainless Steel Spiral Crimp
Family Galvanized Metal Wavy Crimp
Pail Galvanized Metal Wavy Crimp
Family Galvanized Metal Spiral Crimp
Pail Galvanized Metal Spiral Crimp

Plain Handmade Washboard

$ 11.99
Our washboards are individually handmade with materials sourced locally, just like they always have been.  Choose from a number of materials, styles and display boards to create the perfect board for you.
Overall Size
Mini - 5" x 10½"
Pail - 8½" x 18"
Family - 12½" x 23¾"
Rub Surface Size
Pail - 7" x 8½"
Family - 10¾" x 11"

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